How are manufacturing buyers evolving?

How are manufacturing buyers evolving?
December 14, 2018 Paul

How Are Manufacturing Buyers Evolving?

When someone looks into manufacturing, they would like to know how they do business.  Therefore, research has been conducted to evaluate evolving methods and buying habits for the industry.

How are manufacturing buyers evolving with current technology?  Buyers still value in-person relationships, but they are valuing more updates via e-newsletter and having the ability to do an online search of a company.  These buyers want to know their manufacturers are transparent and are keeping their media up to date.

According to Gardner research, 93% of buyers will click a company name they recognize in their search results.  Additionally, clients appreciate a, “Made in USA” message. This helps drive customer inquiries up and create a story for individuals to relate to.

Related Questions:

Is contact information important?  Yes, it is. Individuals want to have their specific questions answered in a quick fashion. Huff Industrial Marketing and KoMarketing conducted a survey indicating that 51% of vendors lacked thorough contact information. They do not want to wait multiple hours or days for an email response.

Are trade shows and industry events still important? Yes, they are.  Developing public relations with clients and building brand awareness are still key elements to manufacturing. However, it is important to place an emphasis on advertising and content marketing as well.


Paul Mojica