Why are the textile industry trade shows failing?

Why are the textile industry trade shows failing?
April 5, 2019 Paul

Why Are The Textile Industry Trade Shows Failing?

When people think of trade shows, they think of large convention centers filled to the brim with vendors. Textile industry trade shows are no exception to this and these trade shows have been in steady decline over the years, so we decided to do some research to see why trade shows like ones for the textile industry are in decline.

So why are trade shows like the ones in the textile industry failing? The main reason many of these trade shows fail is they cost large amounts of money to send representatives to the trade show to set up a booth, which is detrimental as their booth can get lost in a sea of other vendors reducing exposure.

In addition to these trade shows costing large amounts of money for a company, another reason they do not usually succeed is that only a small percentage of the customers who visit your booth will actually express interest in buying your products. According to one case study, they found in the case of trade shows in Spain, there were other factors that determined success at a trade show, such as the sector to which the trade show belonged, the type or orientation of the trade show, frequency of its organization, the # of countries represented and the # of free passes issued.

There are a few ways you can improve your exposure and better closing a sale with potential customers. You can make sure your content and booth is set up for the kinds of customers you want to attract and try to get actual names of customers who will be there so you can better sell towards them.


Paul Mojica