How to Purchase Textiles for Business Buyers

How to Purchase Textiles for Business Buyers
September 30, 2019 Paul

How to Purchase Textiles for Business Buyers.

How to purchase textiles for business buyers. Venubi Marketplace

The Scoop: How to Purchase Textiles for Business buyers.

The direct answer of how to purchase textiles is to use a service like Venubi’s Marketplace to make life easier. 

However, as you may already know, every purchasing department has different standards and practices. 

Some departments have an extensive qualifying list, while others allow their purchasing agents to use their intuition. 

At the end of the day, the objectives are simple for buyers and integrate some hybrid form of the following:


More Options – Never rely solely on one vendor and compare between many vendors.

Limit Risk – Mitigate risk by ensuring the vendor, product, and/or service meet guidelines, regulatory standards, etc.

Better Margins – Negotiate for better pricing for cost-benefit analysis.

Delivery – Will the shipment arrive in time for the deadline.


Truthfully, any hybrid of those objectives will get a purchasing department on the right path. 

But, the problem has less to do with those objectives and more so with how those objectives are completed.

If you’re looking to excel your purchasing department or are a purchaser looking to be great at your job, at some point, you’ll have to address information sprawl.

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Did you know: The average millennial buyer spends up to 3 hours researching a single manufacturer, product, or service before deciding because of information sprawl?

How to get past information sprawl.

And, make better purchasing decisions in less time. 


What is information Sprawl?

Imagine your company needs you to find the right manufacturer and/or materials to purchase for a new product.

But, the relevant information for the right manufacturer is hidden deep in between catalogs, Google searches, company websites, client reviews, credit reports, 3rd party software, etc.

All of these resources have snippets of information that’s relevant to your decision making, right? 

And, although that information may help, you’ve realized that you’re putting a puzzle together instead of doing your actual job. 

That is information sprawl. 

Information sprawl is when relevant or irrelevant information is spread across multiple resources without a way to aggregate the information.


Did you know: The average millennial buyer spends up to 3 hours researching a single manufacturer, product, or service before deciding because of information sprawl?


Here are some effects of information sprawl purchasers and we face as buyers:

Confusion – If all resources have the same product and contain outdated or misinformation, trust goes out the window. Plus, there will be too many options to choose from which can be overwhelming.

Wasted time – It’s one thing to search and get hundreds of results. But, then having to qualify every one of the results when a deadline is approaching, can be a time suck.

Inefficient practices – Just think of having 25 tabs open in your web browser all at once while jumping back and forth between those tabs to compare the information. 

Either way, information sprawl is a real thing business buyers are dealing with every day.  

And in effect, information sprawl is counter intuitive towards the efforts  of how to purchase textiles for business buyers.

3 Ways: How Venubi helps purchase textiles for business buyers.

As buyers, we’ve all experienced information sprawl limiting our performance. 

However, the way we purchase shouldn’t be difficult and filled with information sprawl. 


Think of Venubi’s Marketplace as an aggregator of need to know information for buyers. 

The outcome of this service helps reduce information sprawl and provides a single-source solution for buyers to:

    1. Locate. One resource to search for manufacturers, goods, or services saving tonnes of time.
    2. Qualify.  By bringing together direct, third-party, and user-generated information that is relevant. In doing so, buyers are now able to contextually qualify vendors, goods, and services in real-time without delay.
    3. Buy Direct. Whether it’s high volume, tiered purchases, or multiple products needed to make a final good, buyers just have to add to cart and click buy. 

In the end, how to purchase textiles for business buyers begins with using  Venubi’s Marketplace. 

Overall, Venubi offers a consumer-like experience to the business buyer.  


Because business buyers are frustrated with the old way of purchasing and require new ways to make their jobs more productive. 

If a purchasing department and its buyers have yet to begin making purchases through a service like Venubi’s Marketplace, the speed in which project is completed may continue to experience confusion, time wasted, and inefficiency.


Paul Mojica


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