How to increase textile sales

How to increase textile sales
October 7, 2019 Paul

How to Increase Textile Sales

How to increase textile sales - Venubi Marketplace

How to Increase Textile Sales

With the textile market constantly evolving and customers having ever-changing needs, companies have to fully think through their sales strategies and how to increase textile sales.

It has become a game of how to get the customer’s attention with small details and incentives. And, how to differentiate your company from the thousands of other brands who are trying to sell to the exact same customer. 

Here is how to increase textile sales in a market that is extremely dense with competitors and consumers have become numb to the amount of product they see on a daily basis.

You excite them. Consumers will buy anything that brings them a sense of joy or happiness which is why having a memorable shopping experience and intentional customer service is key.


The Shopping Experience

A memorable shopping experience consists of many aspects, one of them being interactive and multidimensional textile displays. 

Having an in-store display with varying heights, colors, and textures will capture your customers attention.

Being multi-dimensional will cause them to spend time exploring the variety of textile products whether that is woven or non-woven materials.

Plus, it’s also valuable to remember that a displayed focal point will help decrease customer overload.  

In relation to an online marketplace, get creative.

Host a unique website layout with intriguing articles related to the product. Show off in similar fashion such as the fabric, materials used, or even the production of the textiles through links. And, have recognition articles displayed of the brand receiving awards and or products being used by customers with love. 


Another way to produce a memorable shopping experience is to make it as painless for the customer in terms of finding items and the checkout process. 

One way to do this is by keeping the store tidy and neat.

Moreover, show differentiation between textile products and textile display tables. This will help keep customers flowing from each display to the next, while making the customer’s product search a breeze.

Awareness – Be aware of customers in the store in terms of engaging with them and being present if they have any questions or want to know more about a product. 

Share Stories – Give them a story behind each product by creating a personal connection whether that is explaining to them how the textile could benefit them, how to use the products and ways you have used it, or an interesting fact about the textile that you would not know just by looking at it. 

Creating a story with the product brings it to life. Furthermore, it allows the customer to resonate with the materials for their project. And, once they can see themselves using the product, that fabric becomes more than just a material to them. It becomes part of their story.

Finally, after you’ve removed the hurdle of finding products and have created a sense of urgency through stories, make the payment process easy. Trust us, your customers will thank you for it. 

Customer Service

A more practical way on how to increase textile sales is through customer service.

Customer service is a huge part of selling and increasing sales. Why? Well, because customers want to feel special and important to the brand. 

If you can make a customer feel heard and understand their needs then the chance of selling to them goes through the roof. 

Essentially, stores should be obsessing over the customer and what they want versus the product because customers equal sales. 

An easy approach to this is to engage with customers when they are in the store both physically and on the online.

Figure out what type of textile product they are searching for.

Learn what the timeline for production is.

Check if they need any transport or shipping options. 

Finally, learn the customer’s story so then you can be more helpful as a sales representative and give them personalized feedback and advice.

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Customer service is a huge part of selling and increasing sales because customers want to feel special and that they are important to the brand.


Transitioning to an Online Marketplace

Engaging in an online marketplace is extremely important because you do not have face-to-face interaction with the customer. 

However, the solution is pretty simple. Get a chat box. 

Having a chat box pop up on the screen a few minutes after being on the site can be a helpful tool for engagement. 

Chat pop ups allow you to introduce yourself and start asking questions right away such as “What specific fabric you are looking for?” or “What type of product are you looking to make with this textile?”

Engaging with open ended questions can all lead to more details and a greater customer story. 

Another more specific way you can excite customers is by generating a buzz around a specific textile or fabric. Then, create various days celebrating specific types of textiles. 

An example of this could be, “Grow with Plant Textiles Day”. Specifically market plant textiles such as cotton, bamboo, or flax and highlight their many uses. 

Generate a Buzz

Generating buzz can also consist of getting involved in the community and hosting pop-up shops or textile workshops. Attendees could interact with many different types of textiles and decide which would fit their project most appropriately. 

Pop-up shops are great because you immerse your brand within another store for a short period of time. This allows you to create more connections within your community and also potentially expand your customer base to another audience.

Pop-ups are also great for an online marketplace because it allows the customer to tangibly see the product and feel the various textiles. 


How do you attract more customers to your store?

Social media has become a great tool for increasing traffic in stores and online. Customers can visit your website and see your full assortment of textile options without even having to leave their house. 

Another perk of online shopping through social media is customers can buy and order through the website. Plus, they can personalize the product if needed, and have it shipped directly to them. 

A way to attract customers to your online store can be through online advertisements. Try using platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook.

These platforms are visited by millions of consumers daily and are a great tool to build brand awareness.

At, we’ve found much success in using social media out lets to build awareness and get more attention.

Especially when it comes to selling to the next generation of buyers who are “online first” researchers, we’ve found it manageable to help our clients explore these options.

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