Strategic Partners 

Cheers to our partners and their continued efforts to unite a global vision.

We want to thank our Strategic Partners for their input and dedication by showcasing their businesses. As a VenubiTM Partner you are demonstrating to both us at Venubi and the industry as a whole, that continuous improvements can be made with positive influence. As we continue to strive and build our platform to perform and meet your needs, we can all agree that those needs have some merit and cost to them. So, we created a simple way to show how grateful we are to those who have either financially supported or have provided guidance or support for our business from the beginning.

Partnership Benefits and Perks

Partner Benefits and Perks

VenubiTM Partnership Badging

By having the VenubiTM Partnership Badge on your site and materials, you now can enjoy the perks of having our trusted brand help build yours.

Be a VenubiTM Business Journal Contributor

The moment you become a partner with VenubiTM, we will take your business into consideration for having the voice of your company and it’s knowledge, amplified through our Business Journal.

Feature Your Brand

Great News! We’ve set aside space within our site for your logo. This way, industry community members can see your brand and trust that you are working towards building something spectacular.

The First in Line

By far, the best perk is having access to products, tools and services before they are released to everyone else. This way, you can put your touch on it too.

Partnerships are the core to achieving our mission.


Growing Partners Through Profit Sharing

We think it’s only right to directly help your business grow. So, included with your partnership plan is our way of continually saying thank you for helping us grow. Becoming a Community Partner or a Channel Partner means your company benefits directly from our profits. Yup. We’re going to share them with you.

We’ll share up to


of our profits with your company.

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Community Partners

Community Partners

Grow your community

If you’re a local leader within your community, working in a non-for profit, local government, chamber of commerce, or even university, then you’ll be a great fit for helping us engage small businesses within your community.

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Channel Partners

Channel Partners

Streams of Revenue

Becoming a VenubiTM Channel Partner is a sure way to help generate another source of income for your business. On top of a discounted offer we have specifically set aside for you, enjoy the benefits of our profit sharing too.

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Technology Partners

Technology Partners

Gain More Users

If your company has some pretty nifty tech to enhance the business lifecycle of our users, we welcome you. We absolutely love technology that can bring additional value to our customers.

VenubiTM Partnership Application

As a courtesy to our partners, the application process will also include a subscription to VenubiTM Partnership emails. It’s the best way for us to communicate with you while making sure you only receive valuable need-to-know info.

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