EAP Perks

Early Adopter Program Perks

Vision Partner Recognition

We want to extend our gratitude for your support by adding your business brand to our Vision Partner Recognition Page.

As a Premium Supporter, enjoy the benefit of having your company’s brand visibility higher on our Vision Partner Recognition Page and linked back to your own Venubi online page to help increase traffic back to your page. As a Freemium Supporter, experience the value of increasing your brand’s awareness by having it placed on our Vision Partner Recognition Page.

Exclusive Access

Enjoy the perks of using the sales and productivity enhancing tools when they come fresh out of the oven.

As a Venubi EAP Premium Supporter, enjoy knowing that you will have exclusive access to our technology before it gets rolled out giving you a competitive advantage over the rest of the Venubi Community.

Unlimited Products

Whether your business sells one product/service or thousands, feel free to add as many as you like to your Venubi store.

Online Storefront and Dashboard

Create product lines
Establish promotions for products/services
Upload unlimited amount of products/services
Receive email confirmation for orders needing to be processed
Display your brand

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Increase Overall Sales

Venubi will handle marketing and site traffic to our online mall helping buyers find stores just like yours.

Reduce Overall Costs

Since we are handling sales, marketing, and some operations, some long-term overall cost reduction can be realized just by moving forward with Venubi.

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