Who We Are



 In 2014, the name VenubiTM was created.
It’s a combination of “vendor” and “ubi” (latin: where).

It means, “Where the vendors are”.

Our Vision

To see business around the world openly connected.


At VenubiTM, we’ve set out on this journey to connect businesses around the world and we’re passionate about what we do. Why? It’s because we’ve been in the shoes of those we’re trying to help.

We are entrepreneurs looking for traction, we are business owners looking for stability of growth, we are sales agents trying to find the next deal to hit quota, we are marketers looking for more attention, we are purchasers and buyers looking for the best products and services money can buy.

Moreover, we are a team with the belief that every company and everyone, everywhere, deserves an opportunity to compete for business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that all businesses are empowered with the ability to connect, share and transact with other businesses alike.

We are actively looking for companies who want to join in on our vision and mission.